Tooth Cavity Filling: Amalgam Vs. Composite

Tooth Cavity Filling: Amalgam Vs. Composite

March 15, 2023

Your choices are not limited to a single variant if you need dental fillings for a decayed tooth. Advances in dentistry and technology now make available several options to fill teeth damaged by tooth decay. Two of the most preferred choices to fill cavities include composite and amalgam.

The significant difference between the two is their color. Materials matching the color of your teeth help make composite fillers, while amalgam fillers are made from metals.

Although composite fillers are more advanced than traditional fillings like silver amalgam, the standard version triumphs over its contemporary counterpart; conventional fillings offer better protection when chewing pressures can result in tooth damage. Dentists are the optimal professionals to determine which kind of filler is appropriate for your tooth after considering its location, severity of the damage, insurance coverage, budget, and aesthetic preferences.

What Are Composite Fillers?

Composite fillers, alternatively called composite resin fillings, are created using ceramic and plastic compounds. Earlier dentists couldn’t use composite fillers in the back of the mouth because the resin wasn’t durable to withstand the chewing and grinding forces.

Many dentists use composite fillers on the back teeth, but some may prefer not to use them for various reasons. For example, some dental insurance plans do not cover composite resin fillers unless necessary on the front teeth to restore your smile. Another reason dentists refrain from using composite resin fillings is their limited lifespan resulting in wearing within five to seven years from the chewing and grinding forces. Therefore some dentists might decide to place conventional fillers using silver amalgam.

Silver Amalgam Fillings Explained

In contrast with composite resin, silver amalgams can withstand the test of time because they are durable and last for seven to ten years or more with proper dental hygiene. However, conventional fillings, by far, remain the best option to fill cavities on your molars in the posterior region of your mouth. In addition, they can withstand the wetness in the back of the mouth, making them a reliable option that is easy to maintain while remaining cost-effective. The only downside of conventional fillings is their color.

The color of conventional fillings is silver making them visible whenever you open your mouth or talk. However, many prefer traditional fillings because they are affordable and most dental insurance plans cover them. In addition, you may not have to visit your dentist repeatedly to fill the cavity, which is a relief.

Choices between Amalgam and Composite Fillers

As mentioned earlier, the choice between amalgam or composite fillers depends on the location of the cavity, the extent of damage, your aesthetic preference, dental insurance coverage, and budget.

Suppose you have a cavity in the posterior region of your mouth. In that case, the dentist in Excelsior suggests getting composite fillers because they remain indistinguishable after being matched with your remaining teeth to blend seamlessly with them. The situation remains similar if you have a cavity in your front teeth or between them because the filler doesn’t impact your smile.

If you have cavities on your molars, you find it beneficial to receive silver amalgam dental fillings in Excelsior, having a longer lifespan and costs you fewer dollars than composite resin. In addition, they also last longer and don’t need replacements for nearly 15 years if you care for your teeth, as suggested by the dentist.

If you are adventurous, you can undoubtedly prefer silver dental fillings near you to display a gangster-like appearance without considering your aesthetic preferences. Many people have metal fillings in their front teeth, and there is no reason why you must refrain from having them. However, suppose you value your aesthetics and prefer having your teeth filled with material that doesn’t impact your smile. In that case, you will adhere to your dentist’s advice to get composite fillers on visible teeth and silver amalgam on teeth at the back of your mouth.

Caring for Dental Fillers

Whether you get amalgam or composite fillers caring for them remains similar. You must ensure you never let tooth decay affect you again by brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing once, refraining from sugary, starchy, and acidic foods and beverages, and getting six monthly dental cleanings and exams to safeguard your dental health. The fillers remain in your teeth only as long as you care for them, making it essential for you to look after them just like your natural teeth.

If you need dental fillers to restore cavities, Town Dental: Excelsior provides composite and amalgam fillings as optimal for the purpose. Consult them today to fix your teeth before the cavity expands to reach your dental pulp.

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