Tooth Extractions in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Tooth Extractions in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

It may seem a little worrying when our dentists near you recommend extractions. However, tooth extractions are now standard procedures with no pain and minimal discomfort involved.

The thought of getting an extraction may be slightly daunting, but thanks to the wonders of effective sedation, our patients at Town Dental report pain-free experiences.

When Do You Need an Extraction?

Our experienced dentists in Chaska & Excelsior, MN perform tooth extractions as a last resort when root canal treatment, a crown, or filling cannot restore the tooth. There can be reasons to remove a tooth, such as:

An Overcrowded Dentition – Too many teeth can result in additional pressure on adjacent teeth, appear unsightly and cause jaw pain. Extractions are common before starting orthodontic treatment. Our skilled dentists will take x-rays and determine the tooth or teeth that need to be removed.

Baby Teeth That Have Not Fallen Out – At times, baby teeth may not fall out in time, and when this happens, adult teeth start to grow behind the retained primary tooth. After the baby tooth falls out, the adult tooth may start leaning toward the gap, causing a misalignment in the dental arch.

Decayed or Impacted Wisdom Tooth – When wisdom teeth erupt, the other adult teeth have already developed, often leaving them no room to grow. They may grow at an awkward angle or become impacted under the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth are prone to decay and also apply strain on surrounding teeth.

Once we extract the offending tooth, you will experience pain relief.

Dental Extractions at Town Dental

Before our experienced dentists extract the tooth, they will take detailed x-rays to understand the location, shape, and size of the tooth as well as identify the number of roots. We may need to perform oral surgery to pull impacted teeth and teeth with multiple roots.

We will also record your medical history to check for pre-existing conditions like diabetes and allergies to medication. Most patients recover quickly, although surgical tooth extractions may require a longer healing time.

Applying cold compresses and ice-packs can help control post-op swelling and tenderness.

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