Endodontics in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Endodontics in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Many people don’t realize that the surface material of teeth, called enamel, is the hardest substance in the body. Enamel is one of three layers of hard tissues protecting the center of the tooth which is called pulp. The pulp is comprised of soft tissue, and the tooth’s center features nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that surround the tooth’s roots.

Endodontics in Chaska & Excelsior, MN refers to dental treatments that restore the health of teeth at the pulp or root level. If you have one or more teeth that require endodontics near me, our dentists at Town Dental can help restore your oral health.

Dental Pulp and Hard Tissue Damage

Though the hard tissue layers that protect the pulp of a tooth are strong, they are vulnerable to the damaging effects of tooth decay. Once tooth decay erodes the enamel and remaining hard tissues, serious cavities can develop. These protective layers can also be damaged due to injury, tooth fracture, or harmful oral behaviors such as grinding of the teeth.

A tooth’s center is at risk for bacteria infiltration if the protective outer layers are harmed in any way. As a result, a patient is susceptible to inflammation and infection, which can result in severe pain and pressure in the tooth and surrounding area of the mouth. Treatment with endodontics is required to alleviate this type of oral health issue.

Endodontic Treatment

In general, most dental problems involving the soft pulp tissue at the center of a tooth require endodontic treatment in the form of root canal therapy. This and other endodontic procedures allow our dental care team to preserve teeth that are severely damaged at the pulp and root level. Without treatment, these decayed, infected, or injured teeth would otherwise be subject to tooth extraction.

Restoring health to a severely damaged tooth not only prevents extraction but preserves a patient’s overall oral health in terms of how their teeth function and the aesthetics of their mouth. For more information about endodontic treatment with our dentists in Chaska & Excelsior, MN, contact Town Dental. We look forward to restoring your oral health.

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