Sealants in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Dental Sealants in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Dental sealants are an essential part of preventive dental care for children. Once children get sealants, they are three times less likely to develop cavities. Sealants alone cannot entirely prevent cavity formation, but with diligent hygiene they can reduce the risks of bacterial action.

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How Dental Sealants Work

Baby teeth eventually fall out, but they need to be looked after just like adult teeth. Decay and cavities in primary dentition can interfere with the healthy development of permanent teeth. In extreme cases, our trained dentists in Chaska & Excelsior, MN may need to extract a severely decayed baby tooth before the infection spreads to the gum tissue.

Keeping teeth decay and cavity-free can help promote oral and overall health. Our experienced dentists apply sealants once premolars and molars erupt from the gums. Posterior teeth surfaces are pitted and grooved to help us grind food into small pieces. When food debris becomes trapped in the fissures, oral bacteria feed on the food sugars and release acids that attack tooth structure.

Premolars and molars tend to be more susceptible to decay as they cannot be cleaned easily, especially by children. The liquid fissure sealant forms a hard, smooth barrier over the chewing surface and prevents food particles from getting trapped. Your child will need a second sealant treatment when the second premolars and molars develop.

Is the Procedure Painful?

The procedure is simple, quick, non-invasive, and pain-free. Our skilled professionals will clean the tooth and apply an acidic conditioning gel to roughen the surface for better adherence. We will rinse off the gel and dry the tooth once more before applying the sealant. The process is over within 10 to 15 minutes.

The sealant may feel slightly bulky for one or two days, but the tongue and cheek muscles soon adjust to the sealant. There are no known side-effects of applying dental sealants.

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