Dental Bonding in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Dental Bonding in Chaska & Excelsior, MN

Dental bonding is usually performed for cosmetic reasons, but can also be done to improve oral functionality.

Who Needs Tooth Bonding?

Patients who have the following problems may need tooth bonding in Chaska & Excelsior, MN:

  • Spaces between teeth
  • Abnormally shaped teeth
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • An uneven smile
  • Misaligned or discolored teeth

A broken or chipped tooth can disrupt your bite and lead to further problems at a later stage, as well as disrupting appearance of your smile.

After evaluating your dentition, our trained dentists at Town Dental will determine if you’re a good candidate for bonding treatment. In general, although bonding is suitable for superficial flaws, it may not be effective for severely damaged teeth.

How Many Visits Are Needed for Dental Bonding Treatment?

A consultation is recommended to determine what treatment is required. If there are multiple teeth that need repair, you may need multiple appointments. The first step in the procedure involves carefully selecting the right shade of composite material so that the color of bonding blends in with your natural tooth color.

Prior to beginning the bonding process, our dentist in chaska will modify the tooth’s surface by applying a conditioning gel. The gel helps clean and prepare the surface for the next step. After applying the resin material, we will maneuver the material to match the shape of your tooth. Once the desired shape is achieved, a UV light is used to set the composite to a tooth like consistency. Then the tooth is polished and final adjustments are made.

How to Care for Bonded Teeth

While composite resin bonding material appears aesthetically similar to your tooth, it’s not as strong as natural tooth enamel and is susceptible to chipping and staining as well. Patients who have opted for bonding treatment at Town Dental should avoid chewing on hard foods like ice and nuts.

You may experience slightly increased sensitivity for a couple of days, but this will improve relatively quickly. Tooth bonding near you is an option to restore minor decay or cosmetic concerns. Extensive decay or damage may require alternate options.

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