Professional Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need to Know

Professional Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need to Know

January 1, 2022

Do you think your teeth need a makeover to appear brighter white? While there are many products to whiten your teeth considered a cosmetic dental procedure, you may confuse yourself trying to determine the kind of discoloration affecting your teeth or the products safest to whiten them. If you don’t want to harm your teeth while trying to achieve a better smile, you will help yourself by visiting Town Dental Chaska and consulting how you can best whiten your teeth using the safest products.

The dentists at the facility will examine your teeth to determine whether you are affected by surface stains or the discoloration results from infections or medications. In all likelihood, the dentist recommends undergoing professional teeth whitening from dentists to avoid harming your teeth while getting the brighter shade you desire in approximately one hour. The dentist in Chaska, a provider of teeth whitening treatments using Zoom manufactured by Philips, may recommend one among several Zoom treatments for teeth whitening. The dentist overlooks the treatment reassuring you that your whitening therapy is safe and effective.

How Long Does Professional Teeth Whitening Last?

Several teeth whitening treatments from dentists last for over several months to a year. The whitening depends on the restrictions you impose upon yourself by limiting or avoiding staining foods and beverages that discolored your teeth initially. You can even extend the results of teeth whitening treatments by using at-home trays dispensed by the dentist to maintain the results of teeth whitening longer. How you take care of your teeth after the whitening treatment plays a significant role in the duration the results remain on your teeth.

What If You Have Discolored Teeth Due to Infections?

Dental infections needing root canal treatments can discolor your tooth from the inside, making them unresponsive to whitening treatments. During your initial evaluation, if the Chaska dentist discovers intrinsic staining on your teeth due to infections, they recommend alternatives to teeth whitening, like dental veneers to hide the discolored tooth. You must understand teeth whitening doesn’t work efficiently on dental crowns, fillings, or veneers if you have them in your mouth. In addition, artificial restorations made from ceramic or porcelain are resistant to discoloration and whitening treatments.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

As mentioned earlier, Zoom has several types of whitening treatments and the Chaska dentist, being a provider of teeth whitening near you, offers you two varieties. The first is in-office teeth whitening, and the second is dentist dispensed Zoom teeth whitening trays is for use at home to maintain the results of the in-office teeth whitening treatment.

When getting teeth whitening in Chaska, the dentist uses a procedure with a whitening ingredient containing hydrogen peroxide. The most effective treatment also includes the application of LED lights during the process to whiten your teeth. The Zoom treatment whitens your teeth after 45 minutes at the dentist’s office because it involves whitening gel and an LED lamp. They can also offer you take-home options utilizing trays filled with whitening gel to whiten your teeth in two weeks if you are scared of the dental office and don’t want to undergo the in-office whitening treatment. The at-home options enable you to write in your teeth in approximately two weeks.

If you have selected the at-home option, you must be mindful of the foods and beverages you consume before using the trays and ensure your teeth are entirely clean before using them. However, if your choice is for in-office teeth whitening, your treatment proceeds as mentioned below.

When you arrive for your appointment for teeth whitening in Chaska, the dentist recommends a professional cleaning before providing Zoom Teeth Whitening. The cleaning helps eliminate plaque and tartar removal on your teeth and below the gum line, also responsible for tooth discoloration. After the cleaning, the dentist applies the whitening gel to your teeth and switches the Zoom LED light, pointing it at your teeth.

The dentist repeats the procedure two more times within the next 45 minutes before finally applying an enamel-protecting gel. After the process, the dentist provides at-home whitening treatments with instructions on caring for your teeth after the procedure. The at-home trays and whitening gel are included in the cost of the teeth whitening treatment from Zoom.

Is the Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment Comfortable?

Your experience no discomfort when undergoing the Zoom teeth whitening procedure. You must get accustomed to the trays provided by the dentist when using them at home, but they too are comfortable to wear.

You may experience sensitivity after teeth whitening, like the minuscule 1.8 percent of people undergoing the treatment experienced. However, the sensitivity subsides within a day or two to let you enjoy your whiter teeth and display your smile to everyone around you.

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