Four Surprising Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Four Surprising Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

September 1, 2022

You might have heard your dentist mention brushing and flossing are your best defense against routine dental health problems. However, you can help your smile as best possible by getting preventive dentistry near you every six months. Besides protecting your mouth from tooth decay and gum disease, routine appointments with your dentist help reap surprising benefits.


Preventive dentistry helps detect various issues with your teeth and oral cavity. In addition, the visits to the dentist in Chaska give you access to four surprising benefits you never imagined possible.


This article describes the four surprising benefits of preventive dentistry to help you understand how to maintain your oral and overall health optimally. Kindly continue reading to learn about the benefits of preventive dentistry.


1. Oral Cancer Detection


You might think oral cancer can never affect you. However, if you smoke excessively or consume alcohol and expose yourself to sunlight without adequate protection, you can develop oral cancer.


Detecting oral cancer early when undergoing a routine exam from preventive dentistry in Chaska helps achieve optimal outcomes from any treatments provided.


Oral cancer is challenging to identify yourself because you don’t notice any symptoms of the disease until it progresses past stage II when you become susceptible to intensive treatments from medical professionals, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. In addition, the treatments require plenty of financial support, and the rate of fatalities from oral cancer is relatively high. Men are more prone to acquire oral cancer than women making it essential for them to schedule regular appointments with their dentist for preventive dentistry.


2. A Beautiful and Brighter Smile


The natural aging process brings along yellowing of teeth besides surface stains from foods and beverages and lifestyle habits like smoking. Therefore, when you visit your dentist for a preventive dentistry appointment, you receive teeth cleaning to remove plaque and tartar besides stains on your teeth after the cleaning procedure.


The dental hygienist polishes your teeth using an electric toothbrush and gritty toothpaste. The polishing helps remove excess plaque from between your teeth along with surface stains to leave you with a beautiful and brighter smile. Your entire appointment of dental exam and cleaning will not take over an hour, and the process is entirely painless. You also receive a fluoride treatment to ensure you can battle cavities efficiently because the therapy strengthens tooth enamel to prevent decay from penetrating deeper into your tooth.


3. Prevents Tooth Decay and Gum Disease


When you visit the Chaska dentist for preventive dentistry, besides examining your mouth to detect dental issues and your oral cavity for oral cancer, the dentist also detects signs of cavities and gum disease.


Your mouth bacteria is responsible for both conditions because they lead to the accumulation of plaque on your teeth and below the gum line. Plaque on your teeth deposits acids to cause enamel erosion. When your mouth bacteria penetrate your tooth past the dentin, they don’t cease activities but continue working harder until they get to the dental pulp to cause infections in the center of your tooth to make you prone to root canal treatments and getting dental crowns for tooth restoration.


The plaque below your gum line hardens into tartar within 48 hours, making you vulnerable to gum disease, an entirely preventable condition. Gum disease does not exhibit any symptoms until it progresses to aggressive periodontitis, when you begin experiencing symptoms like loose teeth, pain when eating and chewing, bleeding from your mouth, and making you susceptible to other infections throughout your body because your mouth bacteria spreads to it through your bloodstream. If you neglect preventive dentistry, you might require treatments from different medical professionals for treating conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and cancer.


4. Preventive Dentistry Proves Financially Beneficial


You also benefit financially from the visits when you practice preventive dentistry and schedule regular appointments with the Chaska dentist. As the dentist detects and treats issues in your mouth in the earliest stages, you acquire freedom from receiving intensive treatments later. In addition, preventive dentistry is more affordable than receiving cosmetic or restorative treatments to repair decayed and damaged teeth, costing you thousands of dollars instead of fewer dollars for the six-monthly appointments.


Preventive dentistry helps everyone, including children and the elderly. Children benefit by learning how to care for oral health, and seniors receive help retaining their natural teeth longer.


If you intend to take benefit from the miracles of preventive dentistry, Chaska Town Dental can help provide the benefits and more discussed in this article. Kindly schedule an appointment with them today to stay on top of your dental and overall health.

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