Dos and Don’ts Before Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Dos and Don’ts Before Wisdom Teeth Extraction

February 15, 2023

No one is ever excited to undergo tooth extractions in Excelsior, MN, even though they are in pain. However, tooth extractions are usually recommended when there is no other option. For instance, wisdom teeth can partially erupt or, even worse, fail to erupt (impacted). Sometimes, the wisdom teeth might come in, and the jaw is small and cannot accommodate it, leading to overcrowding.

In all the above scenarios, there is no option but to remove the tooth. However, the procedure shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. If you know what to expect and prepare yourself as you should, there is nothing to worry about.

Without proper preparation, you might feel the procedure is too demanding, and complications might even arise post-surgery. To avoid unwanted outcomes, you should understand the dos and don’ts before wisdom teeth extraction.

Do Ask Questions

You will have no better opportunity to know more about dental extraction than when you sit one-on-one with our dentist near you. During this visit, our dentist will also examine your teeth to determine whether it is necessary to undergo a tooth extraction.

Therefore, you can compile a list of questions that you might have concerning the procedure. There’s no dental question that our dentist will not answer you.

No question is deemed foolish. It will be our honor to ensure that you are comfortable and understand what you are getting into. It’s your body, and it will be best if you understand the nature of the procedure that you are about to undergo.

Do Discuss Anesthesia and Painkillers

Since wisdom tooth extraction is an invasive procedure, there will be a need for anesthesia or even sedation. Anesthesia is essential since it numbs the area to ensure that you are not in pain throughout the procedure.

Thus, you must discuss the substances used during the extraction with our dentist. The better if you have been sedated before and know what works for you. You can share with our dentist about your experience and if there are any side effects. All we desire is to make your experience stress-free.

Also, you will need painkillers post-extraction, so if you prefer, it is a good time to tell our dentist.

Do Compile Your Medical History

Your medical history is an important part of the initial appointment. Our dentist needs to know who you are and the state of your overall health. You shouldn’t leave any details out, so you might need to disclose any health issues you might have, such as:

  • Congenital heart defect
  • Liver disease
  • Impaired immune system
  • Artificial joint replacements
  • Diabetes

Besides giving a list of any health issues you might have, you must share a comprehensive list of the medication you take. Do not exclude any vitamin or herbal supplements that you may be taking.

The list of medications you are taking is vital since some drug interactions might cause undesired side effects. Therefore, this will help our dentist know what to prescribe. Also, you might be taking medication that might complicate the procedure, such as blood thinners.

Don’t Smoke or Drink Alcohol Prior to Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Smoking is a habit that has detrimental effects on every part of your body. Therefore, it will affect your mouth and the rest of your body. So when you smoke, the chemicals inhibit healing.

It would help if you didn’t smoke for about 12 hours before the procedure. Ideally, it would help if you stopped or even reduced some days before since tobacco’s effects can last up to two weeks after you stop smoking.

On the other hand, alcohol will also affect healing since it increases blood pressure and might not help the surgical site form clots fast enough.

Don’t Eat Anything Before Extraction

It is recommended that you don’t eat anything about 12 hours before surgery. The mandatory fast is no punishment, but it is done to manage nausea. Anesthesia causes nausea, so if you have eaten a few moments before the procedure, you might leave your lunch on the dentist’s chair!

Don’t Forget to Organize the Transport

After the procedure, you might not be able to drive yourself home. The effects of anesthesia might take up to 24 hours after the procedure. So, your reflexes will be compromised. Just get someone to take you home.

Don’t Wear Snug Clothes

You will have a much easier time wearing comfortable clothes when undergoing a tooth extraction near you. So avoid tight clothes and high-heeled shoes.

We Are Here For You

If you wish to get a tooth extraction, our dentist near you will ensure that your procedure goes as well as possible. Contact us at Town Dental to schedule an appointment.

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