Do You Know About Teeth Veneers?

Do You Know About Teeth Veneers?

July 2, 2021

Dentistry has provided different kinds of procedures to help with the improvement of our dental health. One of the procedures is Dental Veneers.

A dental veneer or tooth veneer is a tooth-colored thin shell that is placed over the front (anterior) teeth. It is a restorative procedure that rebuilds dental appearance by treating chipped, broken, or discolored teeth. Veneers usually contain porcelain or resin composite materials. They can be considered as permanent restorative treatments. A patient can get a veneer for a chipped or broken tooth. Interestingly enough, some people make use of more than one veneer for their front teeth to enhance their teeth’ structure and help them smile beautifully.

Types Of Dental Veneers

Patients can make their preferences and stick to what works for them better. Most times they might need the help of a dentist in making these decisions. You can see a dentist in Chaska for recommendations on what kinds of teeth veneers are suitable for you and you can also get your veneers in Chaska, MN.

There are two main types of dental veneers and they are:

Porcelain Veneers

This dental procedure usually requires two or three visits to the dentist. They are durable and strong. They can last up to 20 years. Porcelain veneers are thin strong coverings placed on the sides and front (anterior) teeth by a professional dentist. One of the amazing facts about porcelain veneers is their appearance. They look like natural teeth and one would hardly notice that you’re wearing veneers. During this procedure, your dentist would have to remove a part of your enamel before attaching the porcelain veneers.

Resin-composite Veneers

Unlike porcelain veneers, this dental procedure only requires one visit to the dentist. They are similar to porcelain veneers cause they also look like natural teeth. However, they are cheaper and the dentist doesn’t need to remove too much enamel before attaching them to the teeth. Sometimes the dentist might not remove any part of the enamel at all. Resin-composite veneers are not as durable and strong as porcelain veneers. They can crack or get damaged if you chew on hard substances or get into an accident that could affect the oral region. However, they could last more than 5 years if you maintain them well.

Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Veneer?

There are various reasons why you might need a teeth veneer. Some people make use of dental veneers as an alternative due to the allergies caused by other dental options.

You could need a veneer for reasons such as:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Vulnerable teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Large spaces in the teeth

You should see a dentist near you if you are experiencing some of the dental issues stated above.

Dental Veneers vs. Dental Crowns

Crowns and veneers are both restorative dental procedures for restoring teeth and facial appearances. Crowns and veneers are also tooth-colored and they fit the teeth except for metal crowns which can either gold or silver.

However dental procedures differ based on their costs, duration, the condition of the teeth, and side effects (if there are any).

The major difference between a veneer and a crown is that a crown covers the entire tooth while a veneer covers only the front surface of the teeth.

For a crown to be attached to a tooth, a large part of the tooth will need to be filed to prepare the teeth for dental crown placement. On the other hand, veneers only require small removal of the enamel (teeth surface) or none at all before it can be placed on the teeth.

Veneers are the best options for teeth that are not critically damaged and for cosmetic reasons. While dental crowns are the best options for teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, have a large filling, or are severely damaged.

Regardless of their differences, they both serve the same purpose which is the restoration of teeth functions.

Benefits Of Dental Veneers

There are several benefits of dental veneers. This restorative procedure has done more good than harm and has provided solutions to a lot of dental mishaps. You don’t need to search too much or go through too much trouble before getting your teeth veneer treatments. You can get dental veneers near you.

Dental veneers can be used to restore a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth. They can also prevent the teeth from getting stained. People who wear teeth veneers due to some dental issues always gain their self-esteem and confidence after they have gotten a dental veneer treatment. You would be able to notice the appearance of your teeth with veneers before and after. They beautify the teeth and enhance your smile.

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