Dental Bridge: 4 Types, Benefits, and Purpose

Dental Bridge: 4 Types, Benefits, and Purpose

May 15, 2022

Having missing can have various negative effects. Aside from just affecting your looks, missing teeth can make it difficult to eat too. It is important to fix this issue because it can create more problems over time. One of the best ways to correct this problem is with the help of dental bridges near you. As the name suggests, dental bridges fill the gap between your teeth by allowing the dentist near you to place a prosthetic tooth.

If you don’t address the missing tooth problem, the remaining teeth in your mouth will move around and try to fill the space left by the missing tooth. This can be painful, and it can also alter your bite. Aside from that, missing teeth are also a contributing factor to jawbone deterioration. So, let’s talk about what makes dental bridges Excelsior so unique.

Purpose of Dental Bridges

One of the main reasons you should get dental bridges near you is because they offer the individual the chance to restore their natural looks. Missing teeth can alter the person’s smile and even change the shape of the face. We often forget how important teeth are for a person’s overall look. When a dentist near you places the dental bridge, they also stop the surrounding teeth from changing their positions, which can save you from a lot of pain and discomfort.

But aesthetics are only part of the reason why you should get dental bridges in case of missing teeth. Similarly, another reason that makes dental bridges in Excelsior a better solution is that it is functional as well. People who have missing teeth can often times find it difficult to chew or speak. But filling the gaps with dental bridges can restore their ability to chew properly and speak clearly. Lastly, dental bridges can also help the individual properly distribute their bite force.

Types of Dental Bridges

When you visit your dentist to get dental bridges, they will first guide you through the process. One of the most important things they will tell you is which type of dental bridge is right for you. Each kind of dental bridge fulfills a specific purpose, so let’s discuss each variant in a bit more detail.

First, we have traditional dental bridges. As the name suggests, this is the most commonly used type of dental bridge. A traditional dental bridge consists of a single dental crown that is attached to the surrounding teeth with one or a couple of fake teeth in between. In this way, the dental crowns act as anchor points, whereas the fake tooth “bridges” the gap. Traditional bridges are a bit stronger than other bridges, but the dentist needs to modify two adjacent teeth.

Next, we have the cantilever dental bridge, which differs from a traditional bridge because it only uses one tooth as the anchor point. Cantilever dental bridges are not used frequently as they can only be placed towards the front of the mouth. Dentists advise that these bridges should be placed at the back of the mouth as they can place additional strain on a single tooth. Cantilever bridges can save both time and money.

Maryland bonded bridges are very similar to traditional bridges. The difference is that while traditional bridges use a dental crown as an anchor, a Maryland bonded bridge uses a porcelain or metal framework. As a result, the dentist doesn’t need to modify the adjacent teeth. They only need to attach the metal framework to the back of the adjacent teeth. As a result, these bridges are much more cost-effective compared to dental bridges.

Lastly, we have implant-supported bridges, and as the name suggests, the bridge uses dental implants near me as anchor points. The significant advantage of this method is that with the help of dental implants, the dentist can bridge a large gap in the tooth.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

The main benefit of using dental bridges is that it restores your smile and gives you back your self-confidence. Once the gap is filled using the bridges, the individual can chew properly and speak more clearly.

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