At What Age Are teeth Sealants Most Effective?

At What Age Are teeth Sealants Most Effective?

June 1, 2022

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings applied over the chewing surface of teeth. They offer protection against cavities. Our molars and premolars contain grooves and pits that help break down food. However, food, bacteria, and plaque get trapped easily. The grooves and pits are hard to reach when cleaning teeth, and decay forms, leading to cavities.

The dentist in Chaska offers a preventive measure against cavities through dental sealants. These sealants are made of clear or tooth-colored resin. They are applied quickly and bonded by the dentist on the grooves and pits. Since they seal out food particles, plaque and bacteria plaque cannot build up on the teeth.

Although anyone can benefit from sealants, they are more effective at a certain age. Dentists recommend applying the coatings on your child’s permanent teeth. Dental sealants in Chaska are initially applied when the first molars come out at ages 6-7. At this age, the child has not learned to properly brush their teeth and consume a lot of sugary things.

The process is repeated for every other molar and premolar that erupts until the final set comes out at 12-14. The sealants provide adequate protection for 5-10 years. Periodic reapplications are necessary when the material wears away. Therefore, the sealants are most effective between 6 and 14 since these are cavity-prone years.

Dental Sealants for Adults

Sealants are primarily associated with kids and teenagers. Although adults can clean their teeth properly and do not consume a lot of sugary treats, they can develop cavities. This is because the protective qualities of teeth and gums decrease with age. In addition, changes in the biochemistry of saliva make teeth more vulnerable to decay.

Sealants can prevent cavities in adult teeth. They can also prevent further decay in teeth with mild decline. The dentist in Chaska applies sealants on your teeth once they notice early signs of decay. These sealants ensure that your teeth are no longer exposed to plaque that causes decay. In addition, they enhance the appearance of teeth by keeping them from staining due to plaque buildup.

Adults who have conditions such as arthritis cannot properly clean their teeth. It is due to a lack of hand dexterity. Others with special needs or are old cannot reach all the areas of their mouth, especially the back teeth. Dental sealants gloss over the grooves and pits in teeth and help them maintain proper oral hygiene.

However, not all adults can get sealants. They should not be applied over teeth with dental fillings or need treatment. Adults interested in getting sealants should talk to their dentists first. Before applying dental sealants in Chaska, the dentist will examine your teeth. Doing so helps them determine if you will benefit from the protective barriers.

Dental Sealants Benefits

Here are a few benefits of getting dental sealants near you:

  1. Dental sealants help prevent tooth decay and subsequent cavities. If you do not have decay or cavities, your teeth are healthier and more robust.
  2. Sealants support the oral care routine. They ensure that plaque and bacteria do not remain in the hard-to-reach areas. The protective coat keeps them out of these areas, making it easy to brush and floss.
  3. You can easily protect your teeth from cavities. The dental sealant procedure is fast and straightforward. In addition, no pain is involved in the process.
  4. Your child can enjoy good oral health throughout their life when you apply sealants on their teeth when young. The coats will help them maintain a healthy, attractive smile in adulthood.
  5. Sealants are beneficial because they are long-lasting and easy to repair and maintain. They can effectively protect teeth against cavities and decay for a decade.
  6. The procedure saves you time in the future. It helps prevent dental health problems that take significant time to treat. For example, a cavity may lead to an infected root canal that takes a while to treat and repair.
  7. Getting dental sealants saves you money that may have been used to treat a cavity or replace a lost tooth. Besides, several health insurance providers cover the cost of dental sealants. Contact us at Town Dental-Chaska for added protection against cavities.

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